Here Are The 5 Best States For Surviving The Zombie Apocalypse

When the dead arise and start wanting to eat people, where are you gonna go? You should perhaps seriously consider heading to one of these five states: Texas, Wyoming, Texas California, Colorado and Virginia. Each has certain benefits that’ll help you in your quest for survival. For instance, with Texas, one word: guns. Lots of guns! Each of them offer certain regional, and geographic advantages that can aid you.

Key Takeaways:

  • Go where there aren’t any people. If there are no people around, there will be no zombies.
  • Head for the mountains because it ain’t gonna be easy for zombies to scale a 10,000+ foot peak.
  • Heading West is probably a good bet as the undead in the East will find it quite difficult to make it to the West Coast.

“One of the first things on your post-apocalyptic priority list should be finding a suitable stronghold; to that end, we developed this highly scientific list of the five best states for surviving the zombie apocalypse.”






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