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What are you packing?

  • A camel back seems prudent, to act both as a water carrier and as a pillow.
  • Matches, lighters, flint (all three seem necessary). I don’t want to be like Cast-a-Way and waste time figuring out how to get past cave-man status
  • Ziplock bags also seem prudent. Storage, boihazard protective wear, make-shift CPR masks, emergency devices. So many uses in this world and the next (apocalypse world).
  • A hat and sun-tan lotion, although a hat is probably a better option in the long run since suntan lotion is unlikely to last me long. I am a pale pale person though, and a bad sunburn could easily take me out.
  • Stealing from above, knives and guns seem good. Probably something that shoots .22 so I don’t have to struggle to aim or worry about too much kickback. And a big, sharp knife. I love Michone’s sword but I don’t think I’m bold enough for that.
  • Also, duct tape, notebooks, maps and zip ties seem like bright ideas.
  • I think one of those shiny survival blankets might be best, since they don’t take up much space.
  • Fish hooks and a fishing pool for sure. And a pot to make things in. But not more than one pot, cause the weight would get too much and you can make most things in one pot if you had too
  • Granola bars, peanut butter, jelly (don’t want to die of scurvy like on the Oregon Trail, so you gotta get the fruit in there)
  • Multivatmins – like a shit ton. For days when you can’t find food.
  • Neosporan and gauze.
  • Sorry for this next one guys, but also some anti-rape condoms. Those are a thing, and as a woman you have to make sure an unwanted preganancy doens’t take you down. You have to think about these things if you’re gonna survive.
  • A big heavy flashlight. Once the batteries die, I can use it to club things.

But lets also talk about what I would be happy to leave behind:

  • My cellphone
  • My laptop
  • My EMAILS! (Bye Felicia)
  • Democratic elections
  • Memes.
  • Real Housewives of anywhere
  • Manners
  • Patience
  • High heels
  • Anything besides sweatpants
  • Regular showers
  • I’m sure there’s more, but that’s what comes top of mind.

Package of Razor blades
Browning Semi Auto .22 + Lots of Ammo
Gerber Survival Knife
Smith & Wesson Shield 9MM
Stainless Steel Mug, Pot, Utensils
Roll of braided nylon rope
Nuts, Jerky, Berries
Bag of Beans
Tins of meat
Change of Clothes (Heavy Duty)
Small fresnel lens
Notebook & Pencils
Breakdown Fly Fishing Set
Plastic bottle
water purification tablets
Duct Tape
Small hatchet
Flask of Whiskey
First Aid Kit + Essential Meds

Adam Roach

So…my go bag would have the following.

  • 3 ice picks
  • water purifier
  • game processing knives for boning, skinning and gutting
  • Compact .22 survival rifle with a brick of .22 ammo
  • Springfield 9mm XD-S 3.3″ hand gun + ammo
  • Survival bars
  • Local area maps
  • Flint for starting fires
  • Zip ties
  • OFF – I hate bugs!


Chris Clark
Chris Clark
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