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The Walking Dead Season 7b premiere last night had one of the coolest mass zombies kills I’ve ever seen. If you had to kill a ton of zombies fast, how would you do it???

Chris Clark

I figure the easiest way would be to set one on fire and since they’re running so close to each-other they would all melt, theoretically! If you get a choke point like DHP suggested it would be even easier!


That was a pretty kick-ass scene. It appears the reason they stopped was because the cars contained the explosives that took out the rest of the zombies. They went as far as they needed to go to join the others. When the z’s got close enough, the explosives lit off. Nice move. What would I do? Great question. I’m a Walking Dead newbie, so I have some learning to do before I can give a decent answer to that question.  Hence, why I joined this community. I recently did a marathon of the first few seasons of TWD and now I’m hooked. I couldn’t resist watching the new season opener though. Now I have to go back and catch up before I move on. I was completely lost in the episode, wondering who many of those people were, but that scene made it worth jumping ahead. I look forward to learning a lot from the community here! Glad I found this resource for zombie apocalypse newbies like myself, as well as seasoned apocalyptic zombie chasers. Awesome!


It was a pretty awesome move. But why stop though? Keep on driving. We ended a good thing a little early in my opinion.


I think your best chance, at that range, might be to jog, then hide. Try hard to find a choke-point between you and the large group.

Chris Clark
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