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The inevitable zombie apocalypse exploded across the country six months ago. You have a car with a trunk packed with supplies. Before the outbreak you had time to grab one weapon. What is your preferred zombie weapon, and why?
Remember, your weapon must be perfect for killing zombies, not people. The undead are the enemy. How will you survive?


Out of those weapons? I would say the Samarui sword as once mastered, you can continually use it. Where-as things like the guns or chainsaw you would have to have a way of constantly having to recharge said equipment and run the risk of faltering on you. If the blade in particular was made out of a strong enough alloy that can be fixed and sharpened easily it would be ideal. Most other weapons would require too much of an effort for maintenance!


I’d have a pole that I could attach an ice pick too, then be able to take care of business at a distance, or up close.

Chris Clark
Chris Clark
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