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With the exception of Z Nation, where a portion of the show focuses on an NSA worker in the North Pole, popular zombie tv shows and moves never seem to feature the colder months of the year. There are a ton of different schools of thought on whether or not the zombie apocalypse would be easier to deal with in the colder weather.

Please discuss! What do you think about the colder weather mixed with the living dead?

Chris Clark

I feel with a proper base of operations, you would ideally be able to survive better. Not only are you generally isolated in the colder regions of the world but zombies would have a harder time finding “meat” and don’t really coordinate well with eachother so in turn in an isolated enough area with a lot of heavy weather conditions you would be relatively safe! The problem then is what will you eat?


I don’t think so. The zombies would be relatively unharmed, but it would be a lot easier to humans to survive the elements.


The Zombie Apocalypse team thinks it would be easier to deal with walkers, but at the same time harder because of the weather conditions.  In theory, the walkers should freeze once the temperature goes below freezing, in a sense, being frozen in place.  You would also be able to see them and their tracks much easier.  Again, only down fall is a living environment with the electric grid, but if you could figure it out, several great benefits!

Chris Clark
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