Gangsters and Zombies Movie Premieres in June 2017

Gangsters and Zombies is a new zombie apocalypse film that depicts a small group of survivors trying to survive the threats of New York-style gangsters, bloodthirsty villains, and of course, zombies! The film not only includes the horror of a zombie apocalypse, but it also has its fair share of comedy. Fans of the hit TV show, The Walking Dead, will see a familiar face in Gangsters and Zombies. Jonathan Realz, who played a role in season 7 of The Walking Dead will also be in this film. The pilot episode of the film will be shown on June 10th, and an additional 2 episodes are already in the pre-production phase.

Key Takeaways:

  • Gangsters and Zombies was shot entirely in Rome and features a cast and crew of Romans.
  • The movie is making its premier at the 2017 Rome International Film Festival and was submitted to other film festival in Italy.
  • Director Sean Smith hopes his film delivers a fresh take on the zombie genre and is looking to keep “audiences on the edge of their seats when they’re not dying from laughter.”

“The gallons of fake blood, foul language, over-the-top fight scenes and slapstick humor blend together for the making of a cult classic.”

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