Project: Dyszombie- How to be a member

Alright.  Here’s how you do it:

Make sure you read all that has been put out on the project, most importantly the milieu, the objective history and the character profile.  You can easily access the foundational documents by bookmarking this link.  Then when you understand all of that, start writing, and submit it, with the tag “Dyszombie”.  It will go into the queue, and then, I’ll review it.  If it fits the milieu well, and meets certain arbitrary quality standards, I will approve it for publication.  Or, I may ask you to resubmit it with revisions.  Or I may reject it outright.  The reasons that a submission may be rejected are 1. Because the account is irreconcilable with the milieu, 2.  the quality of writing is very poor, or 3.  It doesn’t focus on the survival narrative, but instead fixates on graphic description of zombie violence.  If it can be saved, and is an interesting story, then I will ask you to revise and resubmit.

If it is approved for publication, you can feel free at that point to begin writing another account.  All accounts will bear your name, so you will get credit, and if we eventually do publish it into a book, I’ll appoint an editorial staff from among the contributors, and we will do another round of selections, and whoever makes it into the book will be credited there, and will receive a share of the profits.  Until then, everything is published under IZA’s CC license and you retain all your own rights as well.

If you have any questions, feel free to ask.  But if you want, after you read everything that is there, go ahead and put together an account of survival in a dyszombie world, and submit it.








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