Presidential Candidate Vermin Supreme Wants More Zombie Apocalypse Awareness

Happy election day zombie fans!  Who are we recommending for the Oval Office?  None other than Vermin Supreme.  Vermin is a political satirist seeking office for the 7th time and is pushing his platform of change to anyone who will listen.  The Zombie Apocalypse team is promoting Vermin because of his strong pro-zombie apocalypse agenda.

That’s right, while we’ve not heard back from the other candidates with regard to the zombie apocalypse, Vermin has laid out plans to create more awareness and contingency plans for the impending zombie apocalypse.  He also plans to reduce our dependance on foreign oil by harnessing the power of zombies using giant hamster-wheel technology.  Now that’s an alternative energy source we can get behind!




What do you think?

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