Project Dyszombie – Field Report

File 2: Johanna Ellas

This file contains the field notes of Dr. Johanna Ellas, who was a doctor serving with the CDC, Z Task Force. Dr. Ellas performed a careful and controlled field study of the ADZ victims. Dr. Ellas notes were key to learning how the pre-awakening ADZ victims acted and their various mannerisms and so forth. Clearly, there are somethings about the Z that the Dr. did not quite understand. -ed

By William “Doc” Stodden

Update 0.2

Commissioned by Dr. Frederich Hausen

Civilian Defensive Control, Z Task Force

January 18, 2021


Introduction: The purpose of our field research and thus this short report on the nature of the person afflicted by “ADZ”, or the airborne variant of Derivative Z was to study the nature and habits of the human who suffers its effects. For brevity’s sake, subjects will be essentialized, and referred to as Z, while those not affected by ADZ are referred to as “people” or “Unaffected”. This task force began its work in Atlanta in the summer of 2020 and observed Z for a period of six months.


Z appears to be every bit like a person, alike in all manners of physical appearance. However, every aspect of the person is static. There is no evidence of additional hair growth or loss. There is no evidence that fingernails grow either. There is however, a healthier glow about Z previously only seen in those of excellent physical health and adequate nutrition. Skin appears to be the normal color, there is no loss in pigment in skin, eyes, or hair, teeth remain precisely as they were at the outbreak.

Dissection of previously deceased Z reveals all internal organs to be in the correct locations and all of the right appearance. No evidence of putridness, rot or decay indicated. Genetically, Z are no longer human. Upon testing blood at the start of the outbreak, Z cells demonstrated significant genetic alteration and damage. It was hypothesized then that the damage arrested cellular metabolism, and caused Z to enter a state of biological stasis.

One defining characteristic of Z is his lumbering walk, which is not very efficient in its energy transfer, but serves him well to allow him to do what he normally does at all hours of the day. Z spends his days and often nights walking aimlessly. Tracking devices placed on the clothing of Z have demonstrated that Z moves mostly at random, though if unencumbered by obstacle he will continue to walk in a straight line. Furthermore, during the early periods of the outbreak, Z was known to walk several hundreds of miles in a straight line before those tracking him lost contact with the device. We presume the device fell into a lake or was in some other fashion destroyed, but it is just as likely that Z walked completely out of range of the electronic component.

The other defining characteristic is Z’s blank but slightly depressed look on his face, which indicates a complete lack of interest in the world around him.

Note 2:

Z possesses no interest in any benign activity whatsoever. If an uninfected person is walking down a street, and is spotted by Z, Z makes no sign of recognition. Nor does he deviate in his path, unless he comes to an obstacle, at which point, his direction will change, and his vector will carry him to a completely different location. If a person stands in his way, Z will simply alter his course and head in a different direction, seeing the non-infected as one of many obstacles.

Walking is slow paced, almost akin to aimless wandering, and it is nearly constant, though Z appears to sit in a place at random, without regard to his location, and for no apparent reason. At some length he will stand again and continue wandering…

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