Top 5 Foods you’ll need to survive the Zombie Apocalypse

A Zombie Apocalypse Survivor Submission

Survivors of the zombie apocalypse know just how difficult it can be to stock up on food. You have to weigh the risk of venturing out of your hiding spot against the benefits of having food. Often, it comes down to a choice of edibles. Certain foods are simply more compatible with a post-apocalyptic lifestyle.

There are a few things to consider when looking at the best options for keeping up your strength. You will need food that is easy to carry, high in nutrition and full of calories to keep those legs pumping when it’s time to run for your life.

1. Freeze Dried Meals:  For emergency food essentials on the run, you can’t beat freeze dried items. They are light and easy to carry and can be eaten as is or with hot water added. The meals retain their freshness throughout the process, so no nutrition is lost.

2. Peanut butter:  While peanut butter is heavier than the other foods on this list, it also packs a serious nutritional wallop. You get protein and fat, plus plenty of calories, all in one spoonful. These are all necessary for keeping energy levels high.

3. Beans:  A can of beans might be heavy, but it beats hauling dry beans around and trying to find a zombie free area to cook them for hours. Beans offer necessary fiber, protein and calories for survival. According to LiveScience, they are also high in iron, which is important if you tend to be anemic or if you are injured while running from zombies.

4. Granola bars:  These easy to carry bars are full of nutrition and they are also chock full of carbs. That means they can give you a good energy boost when you need it, whether fortifying a building or jogging away from the horde, you need plenty of extra energy.

5. Dried fruit or trail mix:  Dried fruit will give you Vitamin C, iron and other necessary vitamins and minerals to prevent illnesses like scurvy. Apricots and raisins are particularly useful. For a super healthy meal, combine dried fruit with nuts and chocolate chips. The resulting trail mix is ideal for carrying with you anywhere and it will not take up much space, though it will provide a nutritional boost.

Survival in a post-apocalyptic world is tough, but with the right fuel, you can escape the horde and make it through.

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