We are The Zombie Apocalypse

The Zombie Apocalypse began as a text-based mobile game in the hot summer of 2010. At the time we used Squarespace to host the story modules, and we used Tumblr to host the blog. In addition to game updates, we posted zombie-related stories, news, photos, news, and reviews. The game languished as our ambition exceeded our ability, but the blog quickly took off and earned over 300 thousand followers. Our ‘team’ of readers submitted thousands of zombie survival posts and became a tight, active community.

Because our small team had day jobs, school, family, and other commitments we kept the blog fun and casual. Now, six years later, The Zombie Apocalypse is still a ton of fun! And, our small development team still has day jobs, school, and families. But we also grew to love the zombie community and our little website! Tumblr is great, but has some limitations. We’ll continue to post updates to the zombie Tumblr, as well as to our Facebook, Twitter, and Reddit pages. But this site, The Zombie Apocalypse, will be the epicenter of zombie news, reviews, survival advice, and community conversation. This site was built by a few folks who truly care about the community, and about publishing great content. We’d love to hear your advice and suggestions as we continue to build and evolve The Zombie Apocalypse. Feel free to ping us any time. Thanks for visiting, and remember: Keep calm, carry on, kill zombies.

+ Dan


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