Be More Prepared in 5 Minutes

Zombie Apocalypse Survival Tip

Be More Prepared in 5 Minutes for the Zombie Apocalypse!

by Brandon Lowery

Get your shit together.  These are some items you should be able to collect from around your house and toss into a spare backpack or bag.  This is not a complete survival kit, merely a few helpful items that you can collect quickly and have them easily accessible.  Collect what you can, if you don’t have it, don’t sweat it.

  • Print out local maps for a Bug Out Situation
  • Print FM 3-05.70 Survival Manual
  • Pen
  • Paper
  • Spare Can Opener
  • Spare Superglue
  • Flashlight
  • Spare Batteries
  • 2-3 Canned goods/Sealed Snacks/Chips
  • 2 Bottles of Water (Minimum)
  • Dryer Lint (Tinder)
  • Matches/Lighter
  • Extra Car Charger for Phone
  • Small Candle
  • Ziploc Bags
  • Rope/Twine/String
  • Old CD (Signal Mirror)
  • Change of Clothes
  • Dog Food
  • Feminine Products
  • Diapers/Wipes
  • Band Aids
  • 2 Doses of Tylenol/Ibuprofen
  • 3 Days’ Worth of Medication
  •  Duct Tape

Here is a submission from one of my first post on my blog, Not-Dead Undead Hypothesis.  This is as excerpt from an as of yet, unpublished book I wrote about the Zombie Apocalypse currently out for review.






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