Hundreds of shooters keeping Heartland safe from zombies

An organization in Nebraska is combining the popular sport of competition shooting with the pop-culture icon of zombies. Accepting zombie hunters from as small as they can safely handle a firearm (bb or otherwise), this organization utilizes the fun atmosphere of zombie-related events to expand safe gun handling education and raise awareness. In its sixth year, this Zombies in the Heartland shooting competition has attracted shooters from Nebraska and 25 other states.

Key Takeaways:

  • A yearly “zombie-themed” target shooting event is held for firearm owners.
  • Additional structures, obstacles, and vehicles have been set up over the years for better and better experiences for the shooters. Over 500 shooters are aim from hay bales, rooftops, wooden helicopters and even a bathtub.
  • Firearm related companies sponsor this event and also host prizes (worth around $220,000) and drawings at the end of each event.

“The novelty of the competition also makes it accessible for every level of shooter. Millard said you’ll find the Tom Bradys or Peyton Mannings of shooting, but then you’ll also find 8-year-olds trying out rifles for the first time. And you’ll see babies, protected with tiny sunglasses and ear muffs, riding in shaded carriages with pacifiers in their mouths.”




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