Movie Review: The Rezort

The Rezort is, in my opinion, a pretty unique zombie film. It takes place ten years after the initial zombie apocalypse, and after seven years of rebuilding, the world is pretty much the same as it is for us today. However, on a remote island is The Rezort, where people pay top dollar to live like kings and queens, and to hunt zombies in a controlled environment. As the CEO of The Rezort says, “Every apocalypse deserves an afterparty.” But, after a security breach, guests and Rezort staff are left vulnerable to swarms of the undead.

Something else that truly makes this film stand out is the breathtaking scenery and the overall way the film was shot. It is a very artistically done zombie film, which is not something that is usually done. The surroundings lend to the feel of the film, and often speak for themselves.

As far as the characters go, there was a wonderful array of personalities as well as character development. While the acting was not always the best, I personally believe each character truly illustrated their strengths and flaws beautifully.

As far as blood and gore, obviously there is some, but it isn’t an overwhelming amount. The focus is more on the characters’ quest for survival and to get off the island before it gets incinerated (Operation Brimstone). This film truly captured the suspense and fear of a zombie apocalypse without going over the top with gore.

This film is available on Netflix right now, and I highly recommend it!





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