Range 15 Stars Double Amputee and Iraq Vet

Many stories of wounded veterans are about enduring misery and overcoming challenges. This is not one of those stories. Here we meet a double-arm amputee with a sense of humor. Mary Dague and other wounded vets have taken what could be a sad situation and turned it around in their zombie action movie “Range 15”. The movie is produced by a former US Army range turned YouTube star Mat Best. Best and his cast show there is life after tragedy – and it can be a fun one! A new documentary on the filming of “Range 15” capturing that fun spirit will be premiering soon.

Key Takeaways:

  • See a real life Army veteran double amputee fight zombies with knives taped to the remains of her arms.
  • The movie is a spoof on the zombie genre created by a team of former military service men & women.
  • The project has no rules, after all it is a zombie scenario. There is over the top gore, dark jokes, and lots of dead zombies.

“The license plate on her specially adapted car reads “UNARMED,” another nod to her quirky humor and to her former job as U.S. Army bomb technician.”





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