RIP Carl Grimes

In a major departure from the graphic novel (comic) series, Carl Grimes has died in the TV version of the Walking Dead. We waited a week to report the news for those who DVR the series.

AMC has be a hell of a lot more delicate about the departure of major characters from the show after the Negan brain bashing craziness caused major fan backlash in season 7. While upsetting, Carl’s departure from the series was handled with respect and his hope for a more peaceful future.

Carl writes several letters, including one to Negan, and asks his father to bring hope and peace back to his original vision. It will be interesting to see how AMC ends the Negan conflict, possibly with the death or Rick? There has been a ton of speculation, but we’ll just have to wait and see. AMC has done a great job of keeping the storyline a secret until the shows are airing.

AMC prepared a video tribute to Carl below, and it’s pretty amazing to see just how much he’s grown up over the years.




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