Random zombie dream

This isn’t a question but this writing challenge you have going on reminded me of a totally random zombie dream I had once and I’d really like to share it. It’s in the theme of the challenge since the outbreak was different than what everyone had expected. Basically, when a person became a zombie, nothing happened. You were normally functioning, you weren’t decaying in any gross way, you were just normal! Everyone was still freaking out though and going around killing at random since you couldn’t actually tell who was a zombie and who wasn’t. It was pretty ridiculous because everyone was running around screaming at the top of their lungs like there was a fire or something. In my dream, I had been infected so I was trying to skip town with my mom so no one would kill me. I remember thinking “If nothing happens when you become a zombie why is everyone freaking out and killing people?” Anyway we got in this ice cream truck that was probably 7 times the normal size of an ice cream truck and drove off. Also there was no windshield, just a sheet of metal, but we got around ok anyway. Because it was a dream. The end.

Hot damn, that’s a – ah herm – killer dream.  Crazy.  Have you seen Doc’s Dyszombie project?  Wonder if this could be adapted.  Be a shame to let a good zombie dream go to waste!







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Okay, so Im totally in on this Dyszombie boo

Project: Dyszombie Milieu