Undead Walking Survival Rule Of The Week: It pays to help

In a recent episode of Fear the Walking Dead, Daniel finds himself in need of help in bad way. He is found by Efrain, a former drunk, who brings him to a place to get some water and then helps him by way of Lola to remove the really bad infection on his leg. Efrain and Lola helped Daniel with no other agenda than to be kind to those who are still living. Daniel later repays them by saving them from execution by Dante. The lesson from this episode is that Daniel proves how much people need one another in a zombie apocalypse.

Key Takeaways:

  • Sometimes it pays to help others in the zombie apocalypse (and even when there is no zombie apocalypse).
  • It impossible to say why Efrain helped Daniel, since its likely he could have been dangerous. He appears on the surface to be dangerous and brutal.
  • Daniel is at his core a good person, so he repaid Efrain for the good dead that he did. If a person is good, they will repay the deed selflessly.

“If you give people, even people who might not seem that savory, a second chance in a zombie apocalypse, you may discover you’ve unlocked a good person trying to get out.”







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