The Walking Dead Season 7 Finale: Recap & Discussion

Emotions ran high for viewers of The Walking Dead season 7 finale and a lot of people were on the edge of their seats. It was certainly a roller coaster of emotions with lots of twists and turns that had fans wanting to scream in anger, cry and cheer. Many agree this was the best episode since the premier.

Here are a few of the key highlights:

  • Jadis and her junkyard crew arrive in Alexandria. They help Rick and his people to get ready for the fight against Negan by placing explosives for the Saviors.
  • Negan and his people arrive at Alexandria’s gate and give Rick an ultimatum. However, the explosives don’t go off on Rick’s signal which reveals the junkyard crew made a deal with Negan.
  • Negan opens a coffin revealing zombie Sasha. A fight ensues and the Alexandrians lose but Carol and the Kingdom people come to the rescue. Negan manages to escape.

“At The Sanctuary Negan reveals to Sasha his plan to Lucille three of Rick’s people to establish a new(er) world order. “Punishment is how we built everything we have,” Negan explains.”

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