Zombie outbreak: the making of Kill Shot Virus

The Vancouver-based, Hothead Games, wants to produce a top ten tier-shattering game sometime soon. For now, they’re on a great path. “Kill Shot” and “Kill Shot Bravo,” their earliest first person shooter games, got millions of downloads. Meanwhile, their latest incarnation, Kill Shot Virus, a post world-order collapse environment, with an additional outbreak of zombies, for fun and gore, is killing market shares on both sides of the globe. It turns out Hothead heads had been brainstorming a zombie concept for a while. Working out the ragdoll physics of the animation led to mission concepts, small enough for busy users to get their zombie kill-thrill on while catching a lunch break, yet also impactful. Designers are already at work on a new vision, where mission seekers will need to rescue live humans, trapped by zombies in a water treatment facility.

Key Takeaways:

  • It was important to Hothead to not just add another zombie game to the market… they wanted to be sure they could put a unique twist on it.
  • It seems they’ve done a good job as they’ve literally witnessed players “explode in cheers at the end of a successful mission because of the way the zombies tumble and whirl or explode on their screen.”
  • They understand a lot of shooter games get to be boring over time as the players have to basically complete the same mission over and over again and Hotheads set out to avoid that pitfall.

“We want our players focused on a crazy, fun shooting experience without having to worry about moving a character around the environment.”





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