Crowdfunding The Zombie Apocalypse!

Crowdfunding The Zombie Apocalypse!

Survivors, we’re pleased to announce a partnership with Backer, the crowdfunding arm of social platform App.Net. Over the next month, The Zombie Apocalypse will offer limited-edition posters and stickers to help support our upcoming eBook, The Zombie Apocalypse, Volume 1.

Your support will help grow our site and community of survivors. Yes, survival of The Zombie Apocalypse is up to you. Contribute now and help fund the survival of The Zombie Apocalypse.

Keep calm. Survive on. Fight zombies.


The Story

The Zombie Apocalypse features killer zombie apocalypse survival tips, gifs, and useful links. In addition to regularly highlighting community submissions, we also frequently run a community Q & A where other zombie apocalypse survivors ask and answer questions.

In the age of information abundance, we strongly believe that the zombie apocalypse is inevitable, and survival requires community.

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