Did Fear The Walking Dead Season 3 Introduce a Super Zombie?

Fear the Walking Dead has teased about a new mutant zombie in a new preview for the show. The AMC series kicked off its third season and it did so by introducing a brand new character named Troy Otto. This character is bent on experimenting on people that are infected. Near one of his experiments a soldier gets ripped through a wall by a zombie.

Key Takeaways:

  • Fear The Walking Dead has returned for a 3rd season and features new characters and action unlike any fans have seen before.
  • The show is featuring a new breed of walkers that appear stronger than previous walkers and can take some hits without going down.
  • Fans will have to tune into future episodes to see if a walker like this will become a significant part of the story.

“When ComicBook.com asked Troy actor Daniel Sharman if his character had created a mutant zombie, the actor denied it in this case but did not rule out the possibility down the line.”







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