Project Dyszombie – A handwritten account

File 3: Frank Mallon from Southern Illinois

This account was found handwritten and stowed inside a large book formerly known as a telephone directory, which used to display the personal numbers of individuals and businesses of a specific region before the collapse of our old civilization. As far as I can tell, the fellow who wrote this was from Southern Illinois, which doesn’t really exist anymore as a political territory, but still is an actual place, located geographically between two great rivers and sources of navigation known still as the Ohio and the Mississippi Rivers. -ed.

By William “Doc” Stodden

April 28 Deeann stopped talking to me today. It was so weird… its like she is one of those people I was hearing about in the news. I wanted to take her in, to see if they would check her out, but the doctor said that he was pretty booked up, and that I should make an appointment for next week. When I said she was wasn’t talking, wasn’t even noticing me, the doctor didn’t say anything for a long time. He told me I should take her to the ER, she might have had a stroke. I hung up and called an ambulance. By the fight she put up, I didn’t think it was a stroke. I was with her the entire evening- they said they couldn’t find nothing wrong with her.

May 2 Deeann was worse today. She just wanders around the house. Sometimes I try to take her outside, and sometimes she talks with me when I ask her direct questions, but doesn’t seem to be interested in any sort of conversation. For a day or so I took it as a sign she was getting better, but then she attacked me. So I left her alone. Today, I found her wandering around the neighborhood. I talked her into coming back home, but she was still completely not interested in talking to me. I think Monday I’ll take her up to St. Louis to see if there’s anyone up there who can tell me what’s wrong with her.

May 7 Had to cancel the trip to St. Louis. Seems there’s some problems up there, and we don’t need to get into any of that… We’ll stay here until things blow over.

May 21 Deeann attacked me today. It was out of the blue, but I was just trying to get her into the bathtub, she really just needed a bath. She wasn’t eating anymore, wasn’t taking a shower. I tried to ask her if she would go into the bathtub and she just freaked out. I ran into the basement and locked the door. She started pounding on the door, but couldn’t get through. She tried the handle, and twisted it right off. The mechanism came apart, and the door started opening. At the last minute, I kicked the door open. It hit her pretty hard, and she fell backward. I think this is all part of this thing that’s going around… She hit her head on the table. She looked like she was out. I ran past her, but looking at her, I made the dumb mistake of stopping to see if she was alright. She was laying there, but as I got close, she opened her eyes, and almost in a flash she was up and on me, really trying to rip me apart. I got clear of her and got her in front of the basement door. I pushed her down stairs. I heard her fall down, and heard her land on the floor downstairs. I looked down and saw her stand up, and start crawling back up the stairs. So, I took off.

If you’re reading this, my name is Frank Mallon, from Elkville Illinois. My wife is was Deeann Mallon. As far as I know she is still in my house- She’s not the same anymore. She is different. She’s very dangerous, and very violent, and will probably attack you if you get close to her, so avoid her unless you can help her…

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