Could you survive a zombie apocalypse? Find out at the Apocalypse World Tour

How long do you think can you last in a zombie apocalypse? Mike Wilber wants you to find out. He has set up an experience that is a hybrid of a haunted house and first person shooter games. In this experience, participants enter a shooting maze with military training rifles and get to unload on hordes of zombies (don’t worry they are just actors) with the family. Admission starts at $29.99.

Key Takeaways:

  • A group of guests get armed with military training guns with infrared technology, get¬†exposed to the “zombies” and put their survival skills to the test
  • For guests who don’t shoot the zombies in time, they don’t have to worry about getting bitten by the zombies. Instead of a bite, their guns get deactivated.
  • Some guests really get into the event, dressing up in full gear like they’re part of a SWAT team and stay in formation throughout the maze to “kill” all the zombies that pop out at them.

“At the two-night event, guests are armed with military training guns with infrared technology, so guests can “shoot” the zombies, who will wear a headband that will indicate if the shot hit.”






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