Tallahassee Zombie Attack Outbreak Alert

Sources indicate the inevitable zombie apocalypse may start this fall in Tallahassee

Breaking new reports point to Tallahassee as zombie outbreak zone. According to the Tallahassee Democrat newspaper The Apocalypse World Tour will bring a zombie apocalypse simulation to the city in September. The event features tag team training, a “live-action video game” simulation of the inevitable zombie apocalypse.

Apocalypse’s zombie laser tag is organized like a live-action video game. Teams of four to five members are trained on and armed with replica military-training tactical weapons and sent into a building with a set designed to look like the scene of a zombie infestation. The realistic replica firearms have a recoil and a muzzle flash.

What do you thing: is the zombie apocalypse training event a good idea?




What do you think?

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