The Walking Dead Adds 2 More Characters for Season 8

Especially because humans have become the primary enemy, the Walking Dead seems to always be adding new human characters. Season 8 will introduce two new characters who will side with the good guys. Dillion, is a snarky millennial, while Abbud is a pensive American Muslim character who has flown solo with the dead for a good deal of time, much like Michonne in her earlier days. We will have to wait to see what roles these characters take, but it should be interesting as all out war begins in Season 8.

Key Takeaways:

  • New characters enter the show as often as they like, with the cast welcoming these types.
  • Even with new characters introduced, the violence and satiable need for blood thirsty zombies does not pause for even a minute.
  • More characters will be added for the next season. There will be 2 more to add to an already exciting plot line.

Chris Clark






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