Those Things You Just Can’t Leave Behind in the Zombie Apocalypse

A Zombie Apocalypse Survivor Submission

Be sensible about the things you can’t bear to leave behind. Make sure others in your group are too. The likelihood is that someone will have strong sentimental feelings towards various objects, and getting killed because of it is a bad. Seriously bad.

Photographs:Pick ones that reflect important moments, and be critical. Make sure you get one of everyone, rather than tons of just the same kid, at the same age. You’ll be glad you did later. Don’t bring a photo album, it is heavy and you just don’t need that many pictures. And for pities sake, don’t even bother with something that is in a frame.

A Book: A survival book will be more important, but most mothers will want a book for their child, or something to read when the expected insomnia strikes. Pick something you love, bit is small and lightweight. And if you drop it, don’t be stupid enough to go back for it. If you find books along the way, try to discard the one you currently have. You are trying to stay alive, not start a mobile library.

Jewellery: Go for something both sentimental and something valuable if you can, because you never know when it might become useful for some kind of trade off. Don’t bother with rings, they catch on things, are easy to lose and might get in the way when you try to pull the trigger. Stick with a very small necklace, that sits close to your collar bones. Anything longer may get stuck in a bush or a tree, or worse, the undead fingers of your zombie ex lover.

Certificates: Just don’t bother. If anything, advertising your big brain might turn the zombies into food critics desperate for a taste. However, if you are a (now ex) cop, something like a police badge may come in handy. Pin it to your clothing and don’t put too much value in it. The only skills you need now are how to survive, how to shoot and social skills. You don’t want to piss off your group now, do you?

Autographs: If you really think this is something you can’t leave behind, you will soon be helping to swell the walker ranks.

Notebook or Diary: This can actually be quite useful for recording things as you learn them, such as details about the zombies, survival tips, and for keeping your sanity. Don’t choose a fancy hardback, because though it might last longer, the weight might mean that you don’t.

About the Submitter: Known on tumblr as Bozwizard, but in real life tends to be refered to as Rebecca Morris. Enjoys zombie related games, shows, comic books and anything else under that category.






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