Top 53 US Cities Ranked as Most Likely To Survive a Zombie Apocalypse released a fun new study just in time for Halloween, ranking the 53 largest US cities (by metropolitan areas) in order of those most likely to survive a zombie apocalypse.  The study used occupational skills and industry metrics to develop a ranking criteria based on 4 categories: defense, containment, cure and food.

Boston was rated the most likely to survive, while New York was rated the least likely.  Where does your city fall?  See the complete study at:

MSADefense ScoreContainment ScoreCure ScoreFood ScoreTotal ScoreFinal Rank
Boston, MA13.6911.05203.5948.331
Kansas City, MO23.3810.024.533.1041.032
Salt Lake City, UT8.2918.6110.493.6241.013
Baltimore, MD17.557.6811.562.7939.584
San Diego, CA16.449.8911.691.4139.435
Seattle, WA9.5817.868.451.9937.886
Denver, CO7.8220.036.393.5837.827
Virginia Beach, VA22.3810.612.761.7937.548
Hartford, CT17.289.075.803.3235.479
Minneapolis, MN17.518.195.573.9435.2110
Indianapolis, IN8.739.3910.795.0133.9211
Richmond, VA14.6111.164.733.3833.8912
Grand Rapids, MI0.089.732.082031.8913
San Francisco, CA6.438.9714.861.4831.7314
Portland, OR3.7113.416.358.0131.4815
Washington, D.C.16.557.966.80031.3116
Sacramento, CA8.8012.294.774.9930.8517
Pittsburgh, PA5.9813.387.263.6030.2218
San Jose, CA5.7415.028.171.0930.0219
Raleigh, NC7.7012.224.894.1828.9820
Orlando, FL9.449.553.536.0328.5521
Memphis, TN14.072.965.156.2628.4322
Louisville, KY11.566.762.038.0428.3923
Cleveland, OH10.364.248.025.3227.9324
Birmingham, AL9.846.735.295.5127.3725
Oklahoma City, OK8.2510.696.531.5527.0126
St. Louis, MO13.968.242.991.6226.8127
Houston, TX6.0815.922.711.3726.0928
New Orleans, LA13.558.852.121.2325.7529
Phoenix, AZ12.817.391.963.4425.5930
Charlotte, NC8.656.120.509.7825.0631
Las Vegas, NV15.846.200.681.4424.1632
Columbus, OH7.887.596.032.5024.0133
Providence, RI8.825.374.194.8523.2334
Austin, TX5.8312.134.450.7023.1135
Cincinnati, OH5.465.635.166.6222.8736
Rochester, NY5.164.923.878.6922.6437
Nashville, TN8.537.153.772.8922.3438
Milwaukee, WI6.297.484.093.9521.8139
Dallas, TX7.667.502.124.5321.8040
San Antonio, TX9.884.271.955.4821.5841
Philadelphia, PA8.531.187.463.9021.0742
Jacksonville, FL11.406.041.631.2720.3343
Detroit, MI2.0314.502.101.3219.9444
Chicago, IL9.740.632.346.7319.4445
Tucson, AZ10.881.596.400.5219.4046
Buffalo, NY10.233.353.381.8318.8047
Atlanta, GA6.735.872.653.3018.5648
Miami, FL12.671.101.572.7818.1149
Riverside, CA4.444.9907.3016.7250
Los Angeles, CA7.370.683.891.7013.6551
Tampa, FL6.072.332.971.5212.8952
New York City, NY12.44-10.084.331.998.6953
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