Train To Busan – South Korean Zombie Movie Killing It Overseas

Forget Snake on a Plane, a new South Korean movie has Zombies on a Train!  I’ve not been able to confirm is Samuel L. Jackson has a role in this one.  Come to think of it, has Mr. Jackson been in a zombie movie yet?  I did a quick search and he’s apparently in a movie this year with John Cusack called The Cell, in which people are turned into zombies by their cell phones.  It’s based on a Steven King book and was released via video on demand and later limited showings.  It was panned apparently, which explains why I hadn’t heard of it.  That only makes me want to watch it even more now.

Ok, back to my original “train” of thought!  Train To Busan is getting great reviews and breaking all kinds of box office records in South Korea, becoming the biggest Korean film of all time including territories like Hong Kong and Taiwan.  I’m not sure when it’s coming to the U.S., please comment if you know, but the trailer looks bad ass!

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