TWD: Season 7 Sneak Peek “Right Hand Man”

Yesterday, AMC released a sneak peek of the season seven premier and we cannot be more on our toes.

The scene opens up to a terrified, furious, and shocked Rick Grimes with blood splatter on the right side of his face. In the background we hear soft, female crying. Rick utters the first word of the season: “Why?”



Though we are still being introduced to Negan, it is already extremely apparent how evil this guy truly is as he calmly hints at killing Rick’s “right hand man” before dragging him off into the trailer with a hatchet. The peek ends with the camera panning down to show a discarded blanket and a bloody pile of…well…what is left of a person.

The Walking Dead fan base is buzzing about this sneak peek. We are so close to knowing which beloved survivor has been taken away from us, and theories are evolving.

Many fans speculate that the blood splatter on Rick’s right side means that the victim was sitting on his right: Glenn, Michonne, Daryl, Maggie, Abraham, and Rosita. Personally, I’ve heartbreakingly narrowed it down to the two most in danger: Daryl and Glenn.


The blanket tossed to the side is most likely Daryl’s, as he was wrapped in a blanket just before we met Negan. Could he have been the one brutally murdered? Or was this a way to distract us?

As stated in our earlier post, Glenn was the one killed originally by Lucille in the comics. While the show has strayed from the comics many times, we have also seen many elements sticking to the original canon.

At the end of the peek, Negan drags Rick to the trailer with the victim’s hatchet. Could this be the iconic moment Rick loses his hand? In the comics, the Governor was the one to take his hand.




All of our questions will be answered Sunday, October 23, with the season premier! In the meantime, post your own theories and speculations!




What do you think?

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