Video game review: ‘Dead Rising 4’ revels in gruesome zombie carnage (and jokes)

Dead Rising 4 definitely has some flaws and doesn’t have a particularly compelling story, however if you’re looking to have fun killing zombies is some outrageous and ridiculous ways, you’ll have fun playing this game. And the game is really funny. As in intentionally hilarious. The reviewer found himself laughing out loud more than once while playing the game. While it’s far from perfect, it is a decent game that’s better than previous versions of the game and will provide some zombie-killing enjoyment.

Key Takeaways:

  • Dead Rising 4 is an enjoyable game to play in spite of having very little in the way of story.
  • In spite of there being games between the first Dead Rising and #4, this a true sequel to the first game.
  • The game is riddled with technical issues which can be attributed potentially to the game’s engine causing inexplicable glitches.

“…after I violently bludgeoned my way through about 11 hours of story mode (and a few hours more of just putzing around) and some rounds in the multiplayer mode, I decided that this wise-crackin’, Christmas-infused zombie fest in the most commercialized setting possible wasn’t such a terrible decision after all. I mean, who doesn’t enjoy hearing mall-style Christmas music in their game menus?”






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