Is The Walking Dead Too Repetitive?

The wildly successful adaptation of the graphic novel, The Walking Dead, is a dramatic show about what happens to people in a crisis, with the whole zombie thing really just being a vehicle. So, one might suggest that knowing the origins of the outbreak is really not all that germane to the story. In fact, the creators have resisted making the whole why of it all a big part of the story, exactly because they wanted the show to stay focused on the “people” struggles and away from a more detached, clinical analysis, or sci-fi feel. That said, some have been wondering whether injecting a bit of backstory, explaining the outbreak, might refresh the story, which has gotten stuck in some good vs. bad citizens loops of late.

Key Takeaways:

  • Fans have felt that TWD is trapped in a cycle of getting villains, batting them down and then getting new ones.
  • Some have wondered whether breaking out of the cycle might be achieved by tapping into an origins story line about how the outbreak began.
  • The man behind TWD, Robert Kirkman has so far been very resistant to embarking on such a story line.

“But The Walking Dead has been attracting an increasing amount of criticism of late, particularly the TV adaptation, and one of the main issues seems to be a perceived repetitive formula that has emerged.”






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