The Walking Dead Season 7, Episode 3, The Cell

Fans wanting more of Negan on the new season definitely got it last night with an episode primarily dedicated to Daryl and Dwight, the man Daryl still regrets not killing.  We also get our first look at the Saviors main stronghold, and what life is like there.  This is no joy ride for Daryl, who is essentially tortured throughout the episode, locked into a dark room, fed dog food sandwiches with blaring music that is still tormenting me as I write this post.

Negan has taken a liking to Daryl and he continually checks in on him throughout the episode as Dwight works to get him to conform like he did to Negan’s rule and will.  Daryl never breaks, even when threatened with Lucille, because he can’t forget what happened to those he loved, including Glenn.

I’m not sure where Daryl’s storyline is going, and I thought a few times it was going to end on this episode, but it’s going to add an interesting twist for fans of the show and graphic novel series to say the least.






What do you think?

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