The Walking Dead Season 7, Episode 4 Service Sneak Peak

Well, show writers gave the folks at Alexandria and Rick a whole two episodes to get their shit together while waiting for Negan’s first visit.  Andrew Lincoln has noted that this season will be about the characters rebuilding and dealing with the deaths of their friends, but also the wrath of Negan, which is second to none.  AMC offers a great glimpse of this in the clip below.

It will be interesting to see how all the characters deal with their new world, each in their own way as we see with Rosita and Eugene above.  And can I just say, Jeffrey Dean Morgan was spot on being cast for Negan.  I had an idea of what he could bring to the character from his portrayal of The Comedian in the Watchmen movie, but damn.  Little pig, little pig, let … me … in … !

The episode is said to be 90 minutes long and I’m seeing some rumors that Daryl might be part of the Savior pack coming back to Alexandria, to show Rick how he can break anyone.  We’ll see, Norman Reedus is on record saying Daryl won’t break, but the show is pretty good at keeping the actors quiet about what’s to come.  Which has everyone wondering, who’s the next character that’s going to meet Lucille?

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