Diary of the Dead

Diary Of The Dead: Terrible or Awesome?


Diary Of The Dead.  Worse than Land Of The Dead and much better than Survival Of The Dead.  My biggest complaint about this movie is that it’s supposed to be filmed like someone just documenting events but at the beginning we are told that the footage is edited and has music/sound added. We end up watching film students document the Zombie happenings and you just think about how it would be much better to see the entire film through the unedited footage.  I’m not saying Cloverland is a superior movie but it is filmed in the way Diary Of The Dead should’ve been. Romero’s Dead flicks have always been about social commentary but this movie is just beating you over the head senseless with the “message” much like that atrocious Up In The Air movie. 

I’ll watch any zombie movie for the fun of it but I have to admit that I don’t like how modern horror movies are over-produced and don’t look film-like.  I think all horror pictures should go back to 16 mm or use the crappy 80s film stock.  It adds a certain quality you just can’t get using HD cameras w/o shitting on the footage with some kind of computer effect. 







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