Illinois Is Taking Charge!

If you’re serious about preparing for the Zombie Apocalypse, you may want to think of relocating yourself to the great midwestern state of Illinois.

Illinois lawmakers have recently declared that October 2017 will be the inaugural  “Zombie Preparedness Month”. While this issue was originally brought up as a lighthearted plan, lawmakers and citizens quickly began to realize the importance of preparedness for any disasters, from a zombie apocalypse to a tornado. As a former Illinois resident, I can personally say that a stockpile of food, water, and medical supplies would be a smart choice, as when I lived there we had gone through blinding blizzards, massive tornadoes, maelstroms from Hell, hail storms that would break your car windows and your heart at the same time…

Not to mention, if you live in Chicago and a zombie apocalypse hit, well…good luck, my friend. You better hole up or get out of dodge quick. We all know the devastation that is the zombie apocalypse in a gigantic city (New Yorkers and Los Angeles people beware).

I think every state/city should have a zombie preparedness plan! Being organized will come in handy for any disaster. Secretly, though, we all want the zombie apocalypse.







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